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Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn is Tecmo Koei’s newest game in their long running Dynasty Warriors series. This is the 4th iteration for Gundam and it’s back with more mechs, mayhem, and gratuitous robot violence. If you have played any of the previous Dynasty Warriors Gundam games, then you know what to expect for the most part. Pick your pilot, pick your mobile suit, choose a mission and then use your arsenal of lasers, rockets, and beam swords to blast, punch and slice until there’s nothing left on the screen except for the word victory. The game has 2 modes, Official mode and Ultimate mode, and both modes fully support local and online multiplayer.

Official mode is exactly as it says. It has campaigns from the Universal century timeline and this includes Mobile suit Gundam, MSG Zeta Gundam, MSG Char’s Counterattack, MSG Unicorn, Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny. Each campaign is broken into multiple operations that are fully voice acted and full of CGI cutscenes that Gundam fans will appreciate. Each Operation comes with certain restrictions based on the story events such as restricted pilots, mobile suits, or partners, however after clearing campaigns some of these restrictions are lifted so that you can play around a bit. Also after clearing campaigns, extra side story missions may unlock allowing a deeper dive into the anime. This is a great mode for those who want to relive their favorite moments from various Gundam story arcs.

Ultimate mode is a come one come all mode where you have full freedom on your selection of pilots, mobile suits and partners. This mode allows crossovers missions between the different Gundam storylines. Featuring Story Mode/Original Mode version based off of the predecessor games with over 120 Mobile suits and armors, it also has branching story arcs that can end the game based on certain outcomes. Each mission is broken into multiple operations, and if you fail a mission during an operation you must restart the entire op, so it adds a nice sense of pressure. This mode will appeal greatly to those looking for some much needed variety and difficulty that the official mode lacks.

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If there is one thing that Reborn does well, it is the sheer amount of content in the game, since it features over 120 Mobile suits and armors compounded with a moderate level of customization for each. Just like the past few games you can upgrade the mechs with parts you find in battle, but was often very tedious this time since it has been streamlined to speed up the process. They did this by allowing you to combine upgrade plans or spend materials to upgrade selected parts of your Mobile suit to increase specific attacks in your combo set. The game features just about any pilot that you can think of from the series. Pilots gain experience through combat and achieving objectives or by spending cash outside of battle to train without doing any work ūüôā Each level gained gives increases to your melee, shot, and defensive stats. You will also unlock skills that you can equip to give bigger bonuses and new abilities to your mech. Then the card system comes into play which gives you rewards after meeting specific requirements.¬†The cards are based on the pilots and mobile suits from the anime and each come with their own unique rewards, ranging from cash and parts all the way up to new mechs and pilots. New features included this time around are an upgrade to your special gauge so that you can either spend portions for smaller attacks or spend it all for a much more devastating move. The new Burst mode which drastically increases all your stats for short durations can combined for mass destruction of everything around you.

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Overall gameplay is very polished but it still feels just like every other Dynasty Warriors game on the market. It gets major kudos for the sheer amount of fully voiced CGI during the big moments in the game all while keeping the original Japanese voice track. However they still use still images with slight movements during transitions between stages. There is a ton of gameplay here as well, so if you are a Gundam fan you will be right at home and be able to live out just about every single one of your favorite battles.

After clearing a few campaigns the tediousness of repetition starts to kick in. Also for some reason there is a limit to the total amount of upgrade plans for your Mobile suits you can hold at once, which is shared between all your mobile suits. I ended up having to carelessly combine plans just to free up inventory so that the next epic one that unlocked wouldn’t be auto sold.

Also if you’re not a fan of the Gundam series, there is some dialogue that comes across very strange and out of context. Once again this game is great for fans of either Dynasty Warriors or Gundam and is definitely the best game in the series so far. Unfortunately it still does nothing to draw in new fans to the series or genre, so the interest for this game is very limited. It being restricted to a digital only release as of launch is not helping its case, but at least it’s only $39.99 with tons of DLC¬†already released, in case you need even more Gundam in your life.

Rating: 3.5/5 Atoms

NR 3_5 Atoms - B-

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