Videogame BANG! Episode 38: Tim Howard Saves the BANG! w/ Nyko’s Chris Arbogast

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Whats up, Soccer Hooligan Pizzas?!

VGB is back on track with a packed episode for all the boys and girls out there. You probably guessed it; this week we will BRIEFLY discuss the World Cup because it is in fact written into Aaron Carter’s contract that he is allowed to mention soccer once per show.

After an orgasmic round of “Whattcha Playin’?!”, the crew talks about our current review games: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, Hooligans: The Bravest, and Dynasty Warriors Gundam-thingy-anime-game…

Some time has passed since E3 and now the big best of show lists are popping up. There are also some major trends that came out of E3 that are very much worth noting. Fear not BANG GANG! The team is going to go through the “Best in Show” list and let you know what’s really going down! We are also going to outline the 5 major trends of E3 and what that means for gamers.

After the break we come back with a special guest interview with Nyko’s Chris Arbogast. Chris has been with the peripheral juggernaut for over a decade and has some details on some very cool hardware that will be available for your sexy new current generation consoles, just in time for Christmas. We talk some games, talk some potential for future products relating to the Oculus Rift, AND we make Chris aware that most of you heathens out there will more than likely use the newly created hidden compartments for your PS4 to hide weed from your parents.

All in all its an awesome show this week with so much news, in too little time, wall-to-wall action for you guys on this week’s Nyko-riffic episode of Videogame BANG!

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