Iron Man 3 director to reboot Predator


People can’t get enough of the Predator films. The last one we got was titled Predators starring Adrian Brody (my favorite scene being the Yakuza vs. the Predator scene). Now it looks like Hollywood wants to reboot the franchise, as news come via The Hollywood Reporter that Iron Man 3-director Shane Black will be writing and directing the Predator reboot for Fox.

Here’s something that might surprise you. This isn’t the first time Black was involved in a Predator film. His first acting role was in the first Predator film with action star Arnold Schwarzenegger. He played a nerdy-looking soldier named Rick Hawkins who gets killed by the Predator.

As for Shane Black at the helm…I can imagine it now. The Predator will be hyped up as a killing machine by the local soldiers. The moment the main protagonist goes up against the alien in an anticipated one-on-one fight to the death, the Predator pulls off his mask to reveal Trevor Slattery. Of course, he’ll be played by the great Sir Ben Kingsley. What a twist!

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