Summer Oasis – A time to bask in on backlogged games

So summer time is here once again which can only mean one thing: no new game releases to play. So what do I find myself doing? I again continue pouring more hours into games like League of Legends or Team Fortress 2, which by design has no end, all while I have a giant backlog of games which will only be made larger by the Steam Summer Sale.

This gave me the thought that many people have every year, which is to start playing some of the many backlog titles we all have. I mean, in my Steam library alone, I have so many great games like Witcher 2, Fallout New Vegas and even Walking Dead. (I’m almost embarrassed to have not finished them, let alone start.) These all award-winning titles were purchased and installed over the course of the last few Steam sales, and I still have 0 hours logged in. These are just the tip of my new-found summer oasis.

steam backlog

Why do many of us gamers treat even some of the best games released in recent years like E.T for Atari? We all spend our hard-earned money (or at least someone’s hard-earned money) and just abandon the games to darkest depths of our library. Now I know that we are in a hay-day for games, with the new consoles finally starting to pick up steam (see what I did there?) with recent launches like Watch Dogs, UFCWolfenstein and the next Transformers, but that’s it for bigger launches until August. So as gamers, what do we do until then?

Well I for one have decided that I will no longer treat my un-played games like the red-headed step children of my gaming library and instead will make them the center of my attention and transform them into a summer oasis away from the normal games I play. (At least for the remainder of summer or until I get my Destiny beta key.) But until that starts up and causes me to forget about my oasis for another year, I will give these games the spotlight so they can shine like never before (even if I only play an hour of each title, that may just be enough to keep the summer drought at bay, or at the least make me feel better about the Steam sales and other game purchases that continue to empty my wallet each year.)

collab_with_zellie669__wind_waker__outset_siblings_by_starfoch-d4ouwohIsland Art By Purrdemonium and Zellie669

So I challenge each of you to put down your normal go-to game and dust off your game collection, whether it be physical or digital, and show a forgotten game some love to break up the monotony of gaming. Even if you play it for just an hour, it will make you appreciate your love of gaming so much more to play something new. So what are you playing from your Summer Oasis?

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