Battle Princess of Arcadias – A kingdom ruled by a duck!


If you love fantasy action games where you get to lead an army and fight gigantic monsters, then Battle Princess of Arcadias is a game to look into. The game focuses on Princess Plume, whose job is to defeat her enemies. She is the strongest member of the kingdom, and she serves her brother…who happens to be a duck. Yes, the king is a duck who uses a translator to speak.

world map

Battle Princess of Arcadias has you traveling between seven different areas to complete missions, which are broken into three different types of battles which include:

  • Combat – Select three team members to take into battle where you fight hordes of monsters. Travel to the end of the map and defeat all the enemies. You can switch between your characters anytime in battle.
  • Skirmish Battles – Select your brigade to fight against enemy brigades. Select your brigade wisely since each brigade has their own weapon type weakness. While your brigades battles in the background, you give the orders while fighting enemies who attack you in waves.
  • Siege – Fight a giant boss while commanding your army in battle. While fighting you give out orders which include attack, defend, and retreat. Stay alive and weaken the giants HP down to 0.


This game does require a lot of grinding, which not only affects your character’s level but also your brigades as well. Brigades are split up into different groups which include sword, spears, gunblades, axes, archers, large swords and mages, which represents your different characters. If you need a stronger brigade for siege battles, prepare to spend quite a bit of time in battle as well as paying attention to enemy brigade’s weaknesses.

Early on in the game I was grinding but learned it was much faster to grind in siege battles, since more enemies appear. It won’t always work out the same way since each character has their own unique way of playing, even when you have two characters with the same weapon class.

giant battle

It took me a while to really learn how to control my brigade while in siege or skirmish. It’s a little tricky at first since the menu that lets you use potions also doubles as the menu for controlling your brigade. Finally after getting used to it, I learned to just go straight in the menu and preset what commands to use to make things a lot easier, since guiding through the battle menu isn’t really great while in battle (your character just stands there until you let go of the R1 button). Not the best of moves but once you get it down it becomes pretty easy (see video below).

weapon shop

Like any RPG, money plays a huge role. In town you can buy weapons and items and sell your goods. You can get goods from defeating enemies. You also have a blacksmith who can upgrade the stats on your weapons with items you pick up from fallen enemies. Each weapon has a limited amount of times it can be powered up, but it’s definitely a good thing to play around with it since you can give your weapons the ability to burn, freeze or stun your opponent in battle.


Battle Princess of Arcadias is a game definitely worth playing. While grinding in any game is tedious and annoying, I can’t help but actually enjoy playing through the different stages with the interesting characters. While I love the hand-drawn 2D animation, the music is definitely my favorite. Add an over-the-top storyline that can only happen on this strange fantasy world and you got Battle Princess of Arcadias.

Rating: 4.5/5 atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

Battle Princess of Arcadias 
Developer Nippon Ichi Software
Publisher: NIS America
System: PlayStation 3
Price: $29.99 (Digital download only)
Available Now

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