LA convention cosplay from 32 years ago

cosplay vintage - 16

Cosplayers these days have it easy. With the help from the internet, we can pretty much find whatever materials or sources we need to make an awesome outfit. We also have Facebook and Twitter to share our work-in-progress photos and finalized photos with friends and/or fans. But just imagine a cosplay world without the internet. Imagine a time where cosplayers would have to rely on pausing a VHS tape or get references from magazines. We have a wide selection of fictional characters now, but back them it was more limited.

Thanks to Dik Daniels, we have some photos of cosplayers from 32 years ago at a 1980s Westercon convention. Some of the cosplayers include characters we know and love and characters that are fabricated.

I applaud our cosplaying pioneers.

cosplay vintage - 01

cosplay vintage - 02

cosplay vintage - 03

cosplay vintage - 04

cosplay vintage - 05

cosplay vintage - 06

cosplay vintage - 07

cosplay vintage - 08

cosplay vintage - 09

cosplay vintage - 10

cosplay vintage - 11

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cosplay vintage - 15

One thing is still certain, scantily-clad female cosplayers aren’t a new thing.

Source: LA Science Convention Center via Blastr

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