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In such a digitized world, what will the future look like? How will technology grow and how in turn will this affect us? It’s a great thing to wonder about, especially coming off of one of the year’s biggest events, E3. As we get excited for the latest in gaming, it does make us wonder, where do we go from here?

Well Iam8bit has decided to explore this concept through a multimedia art show prompted by such questions. Inspired by the theories of David Smith, Seamus Blackley, Kim Swift and more, each artist took a quote and ran with a concept inspires by such theories.

Artist include Boneface, Eden Soto, Henrik Johansson, Jude Buffun, Kelice Penney, and Naomi White! From pixelated graphics to a scout worthy tie of gaming accomplishments, the art shows a vast future for gaming.

I like to think gaming will enhance society, although I do see how it can make us more socially inept. I would love to see a future of women in gaming exhibit, as I feel the exhibit was a bit male heavy, as is the gaming world in general, but still a very interesting. All ages are welcome, and although this exhibit is small, it is still a great conversational launching point. Where do you think we are headed? What does the future hold? Are we a simulation? Maybe not. But who knows what the future holds.

For a complete list of the artists and complete info on the exhibit go to iam8bit.com.

Be sure to head down to hipster central for the exhibit located in Silverlake and check out the gift shop that features some truly unique game-inspired products and prints!

The gallery is open for your gaming of the future ponderings now until June 22nd.

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