A few of my favorite things: Denver Comic Con 2014

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This is the Denver Comic Con’s third year, and I have to say, I could not have been prouder of my home state for hosting such a wonderful event. The major complaint/concern from most of the patrons revolved around the massive line waits from last year. This year, however, the convention staff and organizers have taken care of that problem, ensuring that if there is a line, it’s always moving forward. I’d say this year went off without a hitch, indicating that each year of the DCC keeps getting better. Anyway, my family and I bought weekend passes, so we had plenty of time to sample what the DCC had to offer, below are five of my favorites.

Bruce Panel Screen Shot

Bruce Campbell’s Amazing Fan Screenshot – Denver Comic Con 2014 (see the link below)

 1) The Guests:

Over the course of its young existence, DCC has been able to attract some big names to our dwarven-like fortress in the Rocky Mountains. This year, Bruce Campell was perhaps the biggest draw and brought with him a surprise guest, as Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice joined Campbell onstage for his panel. DCC also managed to bring in several cast members of Star Trek TNG for a Star Trek mini-reunion. There were really too many awesome folks to name here*. However, while many other cons can boast big names, I can’t think of many that give the opportunity to listen to Chewbacca and Batman read to children. Because Comic Book Classroom is an important part of of DCC, last year Peter Mayhew could be seen reading to kids in the Kid’s Corral, and this year, two Batmen, Adam West and Kevin Conroy, pulled story-time duty.


Brilliant Sister of Plenitude cosplay!

2) The Costumes:

For pure people-watching, nothing beats a comic book convention. Fans and cosplayers put so much time and effort into their costumes that each convention is a sight to behold. This year, some personal favorites included: The Grand Galactic Inquisitor from The Venture Bros (complete with loud Mr. Microphone voice), Carl from The Walking Dead (with can of pudding) and this male cosplay of of Maleficent. I was also pleased to see several Welcome to Nightvale couple’s costumes and the convention was absolutely teeming with Attack on Titan Survey Corps cosplay. Check out the gallery below to see some of my other favorites.


“Brews Wayne” Logo from Breckenridge Brewery

3) Beer:

For those of you who don’t know, Colorado is the buckle on this nation’s “beer-belt”. Beer is to Colorado what wine is to the Napa Valley. As a sponsor of the DCC, Breckenridge Brewery creates a limited addition beer for every Denver Comic Convention. This year’s special brew was a “hoppy amber ale” called “Brews Wayne”.  They even create limited edition tumblers and glasses for each year’s beer, as well as make it available at several different restaurants and bars in the area. If you find yourself in Colorado, be sure to try one of our local beers, and if you ever find yourself at the Denver Comic Con, the convention beer is a must.


Azog sculpture from the WETA Pavilion

4) WETA Workshop Pavilion:

Last year, the visual focal point of DCC was the press box, an elaborately crafted set meant to look like the Daily Planet offices of Lois Lane and Clark Kent. This year, the major set piece of DCC was the WETA Workshop pavilion. As well as showcasing props and statue designs from their Lord of the Rings films, the pavilion gave fans a chance to glimpse some of WETA’s other projects including designs from The Adventures of Tintin and the pulp ray-guns they created for their Dr. Grordbort line of steampunk props.



Prof. McGonagall and I. I actually got a C- in transfiguration because I was only able to turn myself into a pale and excitable man-child.

 5) The close-knit feel:

I know that San Diego Comic Con is considered the convention on the circuit, however DCC is earning a reputation for being the best convention for creators and fans alike. Eschewing the “trade show” feel of other conventions, DCC offers a lot of entertainment while still feeling comfortable and welcoming. Between chatting with local artists, as well as world renown celebrities, one gets the feeling that DCC not only bridges the geek-gap of the coasts, but also brings fans and creators together in a way few other conventions can. It also makes a difference that the proceeds go to help literacy using the power of comics, ensuring that we’re creating tomorrow’s nerds today.

*My wife and I were fortunate enough to have a ten minute conversation with Farscape’s Gigi Edgely. She is as beautiful and as kind as you imagine her to be.

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