Arm yourself with your very own Mega Buster from ThinkGeek

Have you ever wanted to be Mega Man, taking down evil robots who want to destroy the world? While ThinkGeek can’t help transform you into a super fighting robot, they can at least make you feel like one with the officially licensed replica Mega Buster. It’s set to be released sometime next year.


The Mega Buster will go for $79.99 and lights on both the Blaster Barrel and the Power Meter. It has custom sounds for charged shots or regular shots, which you can control by using the interior handle and trigger.


During E3 we got the chance to check out the replica Mega Buster on display at the Capcom booth. Right now ThinkGeek has an estimated release date of December 2015 on their website but you can opt to be notified when more information is released.

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