E3 2014: The seven tools of EverQuest Next’s Landmark

EQ LandmarkDave Georgeson and Terry Michaels of Sony Online Entertainment treated me to a special viewing of the latest build of their massive game, Landmark. I can say from what I saw and heard, the game is progressing along great. Nerd Reactor covered this game in its alpha form and now that it’s in closed beta, and things have opened up more. Check our alpha coverage to learn what the game is about.

EverQuestNextLandmark Claim

There are seven tools that Landmark puts in your hand to manipulate this world, but first, you must stake your claim. You place a flag somewhere in this massive world showing everyone the location you have claimed. With that, this allows you to create anything you can imagine. The entire world is meant to be manipulated by the player. What you see is what you can change, but only when it’s on your location only, preventing others from destroying your works of art.

Landmark blocks

The game is really simple to pick up using the seven tools. The Add tool does just does as the name suggests, add. You add square shaped objects into the world, which comes in different sizes, using the resources that you have gathered in the world.

everquest next delete

Not liking what you just placed? That is fine, that’s what the Delete tool is for. Take away mistakes just as fast as you placed them. Or, sort of similar is the Heal tool. The world in Landmark is going to get beaten up real quick. One thing you can do with the Heal tool is return the destroyed piece of land to its original form, giving you a sort of undo.

EverQuestNextLandmark textures

The Paint tool helps give your creation some real style. Using materials gathered, any object you put in the world can be painted over. We’re not just talking about adding color to it. If I wanted to change my stone house to wood, I would use the Paint tool to go over the whole structure and change it to wood. By doing so, it returns the stone I used to make the house, back to my inventory.

Landmark Smooth

Tired of all the block-shaped structures you’re building? The Smooth tool is here to save the day. Turn that block into a sphere with just a few clicks. Give your castle a real feel of erosion or decay by just smoothing out those sharp corners. The Smooth tool will give your creations more rounded looks as opposed to just squares.

Landmark Line

You don’t just want to make a world with nothing but right angles. So the Line tool gives you the freedom to connect any two points, like building staircases, making a quick slide, and giving your house a proper angled roof. All this is possible with the Line tool. Free your creative hand to build the way you want.

Landmark selection

The final and most powerful tool, according to Terry Michaels, is the Selection tool. The selection tool lets you highlight and modify your work, and not just what you have done, but what you will do. Quick example, if you want to build a wall in other games, you would have to do so block after block. With the Selection tool, you can select a space in the world where you want the wall to be, arranging the height and width, then pop it into the world. With the selection tool, you could even see how many of your resources you are going to use before you use them.

fortress landmark

All these tools are placed in your hands to help you build the world that you want. It seems the only limitation is your imagination. I was shown a giant statue made in the Landmark, using all the tools, and I would not have believed it was made with a 3D art program. Landmark is in closed beta, but it is shaping up to be a huge game all on its own, which bodes well for Everquest Next. 

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