E3 2014: Super Smash Bros Wii U impressions


One of the most anticipated games in 2014 belong to Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. Not far off, the Super Smash Bros Invitational line was already packed with fans looking to get into the event and see the game played by some professional players in the Smash Bros. community.

The entrance to the Nintendo booth was dedicated to Super Smash Bros., both for the Wii U and the 3DS. The Nintendo Wii U stations all featured four Gamecube controllers using the new Gamecube controller adapter for the full Smash Bros experience and 20 selectable players to choose from (image above).

The game feels like Nintendo mixed the best parts of Melee and Brawl, but feels closer to Brawl with its amazingly detailed characters — a focus seen in their most recent games. The game felt faster and definitely responded just as quickly as you did, which was great.

I decided to start with Mega Man since I’ve been pretty excited for him since he was announced. He has so many things going on for him it was kind of hard to get much practice in since everyone just started attacking each other. So as I learned how to play as Mega Man, I saw that he has quite a few tricks to learn, especially with timing. He moves quickly and with no charge buster unless you forward A , you can keep spamming his buster which can annoy opponents but gives you an opportunity for mix ups or stand back and get a full charge shot ready. Sadly, I never got a chance to get his smash in my first match, but his mega upper and crash bomb make for some good keep away games.

After getting 3rd with Mega Man, I decided to try Sonic who plays almost exactly like he did in Brawl, with some new timing on his moves including his homing spin dash attack.

The last character I got some time with was Zero Suit Samus, who got a huge booster in this game with her jumping abilities and attacks. She still has her laser attack and whip beam attack, which is a simple combo, but her movements are swift and fast. Her smashes do some real damage quickly along with some quick combos that do some good damage. She can control the space in front of her with ease, but I had a hard time keeping out Marth who can punish you pretty hard with his “air dash charged B attack”.

So far, Nintendo has done a great job with this game for competitive players and casual players alike. Players can look forward to sitting back and playing this game especially with Gamecube controllers. As for now, I’ll be back tomorrow to play some more characters.

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