E3 2014: BioWare teases a brand new IP


BioWare Edmonton, the studio responsible for Mass Effect, has announced that they are currently working on a brand new original game.

“While the Montreal studio is working on the next Mass Effect game, our team here in Edmonton is developing a completely new IP,” BioWare executive producer Casey Hudson said during EA’s E3 press conference. “When you work on new IP,” BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn said, “it’s a chance to have a clean sheet of design to start at the most fundamental set of principles you can have.”

We don’t know what type of game the new game will be about, but Hudson has stated that he wants to tell “contemporary stories, and yet we want to build a world that is as big and as imaginative as anything we’ve ever done before, [a world that] feels real, and is alive alive and is constantly changing.”

In addtion, BioWare is aiming high on their new game as their plan is to not to tell just “a singular story.” As they said in the developer diary, “It’s more about, ‘This is what the world is doing right now. Come and play.’”

Pretty ambitious from the sound of it, but whether or not BioWare Edmonton will succeed on these claims is another story. We’ve been teased grand things before at E3, only to see the final product a shell of what was previously shown at E3 (ex: Watch Dogs). Hopefully, BioWare Edmonton can deliver since the concept sounds very intriguing.


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