All Monsters… Assemble! What if Godzilla mirrored ‘The Avengers?’


There is absolutely no doubt that Godzilla is a smash hit! Still raking in dough at the box office and officially beating out Tristar’s attempt from 1998, The King of the Monsters is back and better than ever. If you don’t believe me, just ask Legendary, who’s already beginning preparations for the next film in a possible trilogy.

But what if it was taken a step further? What if this new franchise spawned a Marvel-esque Cinematic Universe? What if Toho (the company who owns Godzilla) decided to let other famous kaiju have the spotlight building up to an Avengers-like Destroy All Monsters? This is just a possibility at this point and Legendary has stated they are working on creating a trilogy. That being said, this isn’t out of the realm of reality but it IS just an idea. Don’t take this as a literal setup.


Still here? Ok.

We all know the story according to Legendary. Godzilla, a predatory God-like creature that has survived millions of years feeding off the Earth’s natural radiation, rises from the depths to stop other radiation-munching beasts known as MUTO’s (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) from populating the planet with their own kind. After defeating the MUTO’s, Godzilla passes out and awakens the next morning — almost like he partied a little too hard the night before and wakes up from some massive hangover — and returns to the sea.


Oh Man, what was in that MUTO I ate last night???

The next film shouldn’t be called Godzilla. It should be called… Mothra.

Now hang on. I know what you’re thinking… Mothra isn’t as popular as Godzilla. No one except for the hardcore fans would see this. Why should she (or he in this new version maybe) be featured prominently while the Big G takes a backseat? It follows the same naming process Marvel has used for their other films. I’m not saying Godzilla shouldn’t be in it. By all MEANS he should! However, if you focus on this other creature, which could have a pretty wicked-awesome backstory, and then introduce Godzilla, you’d have a pretty nice setup. Besides, Godzilla 2 sounds kind of lame and Godzilla vs. Mothra would be pretty predictable.

Here’s how I see it: 2-3 years after the San Diego Incident, a small jet-plane with Dr. Serizawa (Ken Watanabe), his assistant, and whatever new character(s) this story would follow, crash land on a remote island somewhere in the Pacific, an inhabited island. A paradise with natives, delicious fruits and foods, incredibly pleasant weather, and a giant egg that the natives worship. Here is where it gets a little familiar while also remaining somewhat original. A tease if you will or paying homage, whatever floats your boat. Serizawa and the gang meet the Queens of this small island nation. They are known as the Cosmos: Two little girls, no older than 8 years old, both born at the same time, who became the new rulers when their mother and father passed away. This is to avoid any non-sensible plot holes involving miniature fairies who float around and can talk to a giant Moth. They don’t speak English (obviously) but communicate with hand gestures and pictures. Monarch, the organization introduced in Godzilla, comes to the rescue to save Serizawa and his crew. But not before checking out the incredible egg. The egg, which is seen as a new study by some a-hole scientist that for whatever reason Serizawa has to answer to, is taken from the island for further study. The Cosmos try and explain using pictures and gestures that removing the egg would have massive consequences, but who listens to warnings from twin 8 year old girls about a giant egg harboring a humongous caterpillar?


Because the potential for this to occur is of no one’s concern.

The egg is taken to mainland where it is studied briefly then it hatches. Out comes the caterpillar and it attacks (or rather escapes) it’s holding cell/cage/whatever holds a giant egg and tries to go back home by crossing the United States. It fights (or escapes) the military only to create a cocoon somewhere in New York or New Orleans or some other major metropolitan place. Man’s meddling has caused it’s own destruction. See how the moral of the first film resonates here? Godzilla appears, having sensed what he might perceive as another MUTO. Mothra hatches, meets Godzilla and they have this epic battle (of which they both survive) in Seattle or Phoenix or even Las Vegas. It gets to the point where the battle ends in a tie. Godzilla realizes Mothra is no “MUTO” and she/he does not actually pose a threat to his existence. All animals defend their territory. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of realism that they would fight each other to test each other’s dominance, as some animals often do. The film ends with Mothra flying back home to his/her island. Want a little more Monster action? Throw in Rodan or Anguirus for added measure and make it a standoff between the three. Not a bad idea and you introduce new monsters while continuing the story that began in Godzilla.

Then you would get to the next film… Biollante.


Feed me Seymour!

Why Biollante? Well, she is one of the most underrated of Godzilla’s foes and if they use the concept of the 1989 original (A scientist who’s daughter passed away creates a new breed of plant by incorporating Godzilla’s G-cells with that of both the DNA of a rose and the DNA of his daughter, thus creating a giant plant monster that summons and fights Godzilla) the final fight could incorporate Godzilla, Mothra and any other new or old monster from before (every king has his generals). Not only that, but keeping the theme of Man’s abuse of nature will be it’s downfall keeps the theme from the first film alive. After defeating Biollante, some of the cells, much like in the original film, go out into outer space. Godzilla, Mothra and whatever other monster have restored balance yet again. But was it enough to keep the peace? The Government decides to fund a new project to help protect the cities which have been massively crushed in the past decade or so. A new project where a gigantic machine must be built to help keep these monster battles under control. I think you know where I’m going with this and before the credits roll, one final scene.

The remnants of Biollante that rose into space attract another beast. One flying through the stars in search of it’s next meal/hunting grounds/home. This creature has golden scales, massive wings and three deadly heads. King Ghidorah is coming to Earth.

Not gonna lie...this would be pretty boss!

Not gonna lie…this would be pretty boss!

Here is where you do a Destroy All Monsters where Ghidorah comes to Earth and challenges the King of the Monsters. Of course, in this one, I would incorporate not just Godzilla and Mothra, but DEFINITELY Rodan, Anguirus and King Cesar (he could be referenced in G2014 if you know what I mean). This is also the final piece where the government unleashes Mecha-Godzilla to protect our safety. Here is where man learns his lesson by using his knowledge and talent to PROTECT rather than destroy. That could end this story arc of mankind destroying itself. Of course, we won’t ignore the premise of this film, where a bunch of giant monsters have an all-out battle to save the Earth from invading forces. Kamacuras, Kumonga, Hedorah and Ebirah are some I would call into play. Hell, throw the giant condor in there as both a tongue-in-cheek momentary battle for comedic element. So long as they all fit the realm of possibility in this film. So no Gabara, Jet Jaguar, Megalon and absolutely NO MINILLA! Have them battle it out and destroy King Ghidorah and maybe even have Gigan appear midway through battle as another creature summoned by Biollante’s remains. Have the film end with all the monsters returning to their homes, and Godzilla showing Mecha-Godzilla, a symbol of Humanity, a form of respect. Have him blow a blue smoke ring as a sign that he understands man fighting along his side for the betterment of planet Earth. A handshake between the two would be too cheesy, but an animalistic sign from the King himself that he recognizes man as formidable an ally as any of the other monsters. I would end it there. Open-ended. What comes next? Maybe someday we’ll know. But for now, this is how I would end it: With a truce.

There is NO definitive story on what the next Godzilla film would be. There has been talk that Gareth Edwards expressed interest in a Monster Island-centered film. Others claim it should really be Godzilla fighting Mothra. This was just my idea which I thought was kind of cool and I wanted to share it with you all. Yes, it’s very monster-centric and that’s the point. I don’t want a monster movie universe centered on more and more people and less and less monsters. They are the reason you go to see these films. Make them prominent is all I’m saying.

Have any additional thoughts? Anything you might want to add? Sound off in the comments below.

Godzilla is now playing in theaters nationwide.

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