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Dances with Films has been bringing the best of indie films to Los Angeles since 1998. It’s back again this year and running until June 8th at Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatre.

On June 5th at 2:45pm, you can attend one if its feature pieces, Missing Child, a feature length thriller starring and directed by Luke Sabis.

“A drama/thriller about a young woman, Gia, who never knew her parents. Gia discovers she resembles an age-progressed photo of a child who went missing at an early age. She uncovers secrets and lies in an attempt to find closure to her own unsettled past. The film deals with issues such as child abuse, religious/spiritual identity and personal responsibility. It is an exploration of the dark side of human nature, where self-preservation and self-denial are violently intertwined.”

I got to chat with Luke Sabis about this project.

What was your inspiration for Missing Child?

My main inspiration for Missing Child was seeing the numerous Missing Child listings that were included with my junk mail, several years ago.  There were listings of people that were missing for 3 to 12 months, but the ones that affected me most were those of children missing for more than 20 years. Since no trace of these children were ever found, they are still considered missing. I found this idea upsetting but intriguing.

Further inspiration came from my own personal life, which wasn’t in such great shape when I started Missing Child. When I worked on the story, themes of isolation and solitude would always come to the surface. Coming out of a broken relationship, these were themes that were prevalent in my life and found their way into the story and characters of Missing Child.

This thriller has so many twists and turns. Was it difficult to take on so many hats?

At times it was difficult but an independent film is like a small business (it actually is a small business). It’s necessary to wear whatever hat needs to be worn to get the job done and get the film made. I did have a lot of great help including Charles Gorgano (who played Henry), who is also a personal friend and was always there, willing to listen and help out with the struggles of completing the film. D.P. Francisco Bulgarelli and Editor Emily Chiu were also invaluable to the making of Missing Child. Their dedication and commitment to the entire process was essential to getting things done right. I was very fortunate to get a great crew who were all very committed to a film shoot that was at times, intense.

What’s next for you and this project?

We’ll be looking to get Missing Child out there. We’ll be playing a few more festivals, down the road and I would like to see it have some life on the Big Screen afterwards, in the way of a theatrical release. Also, I’m currently working on a feature called Ghost Tenant. It’s a comedy drama that does include a ghost, dealing with his fears of the afterlife. Missing Child is a film where all the characters are detached from each other, trying to find comfort in their own solitude. In Ghost Tenant, it’s a 180 degree shift. Characters here are simply trying to connect with each other.

A complicated thriller that is making its festival rounds. Be sure to check it out at Dances with Films June 5th at 2:45. And if you happen to miss it go to for more info. For a complete listing of Dances with Films go to

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