‘Jupiter Ascending’ delayed to 2015

Jupiter Ascending
By now if you have been paying attention to the interwebs or have friends who do, you’ll know that the sci-fi epic, Jupiter Ascending, has been delayed to February 2015. Why? Andy and Lana Wachowski said they needed to finish work on 2,000 special effects shots to complete the film, according to Variety.

Dan Fellman, chief of domestic distribution, has stated that a rough version of the film has been distributed across test screeners. So whether they have been given several months to do some more edits, we shall see.

Jupiter Ascending - Eddie Redmayne

Jupiter Ascending stars Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, and Sean Bean. It’s the sci-fi epic of a ‘cleaning maid’ who is whisked away by a genetically-altered soldier, putting her on the path of intrigue with a universe that either wants to kill her or see to her rightful ascension!

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