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dothrakiLearning a new language can be difficult, especially one that is so specialized like Elvish, Klingon, Parseltongue, Andorian, Dwarfish, Na’vi and many more. And why not? Learning a language from a show or book you love is what makes it so fun. Want to add another language to your geek dictionary? Now you can add Dothraki!

dothraki2As seen in George RR Martin’s books and on HBO’s Game of Thrones, this book will help you with fully understanding the Dothraki language. In collaboration with HBO, Living Language, and linguist David J. Peterson, you can now learn Dothraki the correct way. These books contains a step-by-step guide in pronunciation, basic phrases, easy-to-follow grammar explanation with examples, extensive thematic vocabulary lists, dialogue and exercises for reinforcement. It also comes with an audio CD that contains phrases and vocabulary that you could repeat with confidence.

The entire guide will also lay out the Dos and Don’ts of speaking Dothraki. For example, horses are extremely important to the Dothraki culture. Never call a Dothraki warrior anifak, which means “walker”, because that would be the ultimate insult since it means he cannot ride his horse. The course is available in three editions:

  • Living Language Dothraki ($19.99), which includes a language guide and audio CD featuring 200 words and phrases, available at HBO Shop and at physical and online retailers worldwide.
  • Living Language Dothraki Expanded Online Course ($30.00), covering additional vocabulary and grammar including 500 words and phrases, plus interactive quizzes and games, available at the Living Language.
  • Living Language Dothraki Companion Mobile App ($3.99), featuring 15 thematic flash card decks, available on the App Store® for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The book and courses not only focuses on the Dothraki language, but also divulge into the culture of the Dothraki people. You may also learn to become Dothraki.

The dictionary becomes available on October 7th, but you can pre-order the book at HBO Shop. For more information on the different editions, visit Living Language.

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