1001 Spikes introduces new challengers from familiar indie titles


Prepare to suffer in the upcoming title 1001 Spikes where you’ll get the chance to beat the game with…you guessed it 1001 lives.

2D platformer 1001 Spikes uses an 8-bit artstyle filled with tricky and difficult puzzles where you’ll need to solve puzzles and get past tricky jumps and traps. It also includes three multiplayer modes which include co-op play and a versus mode. 


Nicalis has new trailer for the game, introducing some unlockable players like Curly Brace from Cave Story, Nyx from Nyx Quest, Commander Video from the Bit.Trip series and more.

1001 Spikes will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Steam on June 3rd for $14.99. Steam users that already own Cave Story or Night Sky, can buy 1001 Spikes at a $5 loyalty discount.

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