Comic book funeral: 5-year-old cancer victim is given the best parting gift

braden denton funeral

Are your tissues ready? A Spider-Man-loving little boy named Braden Denton lost his battle with a brain tumor — something he and his family had been fighting for a long time.

The Newton County, Indiana family decided to honor their loved one in the best way imaginable: ditch the suits and dresses and celebrate in superhero costumes the life of a child who loved comic book heroes.

The picture of the family men dressed in their favorite hero outfits was since shared on Facebook and went viral for all the right reasons.

Currently, Braden’s mother is working on getting the state of Indiana to recognize September as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

This disease is tragic news no matter the age of who is affected. But there’s something particularly heart-wrenching about a dying child who never had the chance to live out his or her life around people who obviously care much for them. If you’re in the U.S. or Canada reading this and are touched by this story, and the number of cancer-related stories in the world, join movements like my favorite one, Fuck Cancer, and donate your time, money and attention today.


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