Why Godzilla actor Akira Takarada’s cameo was cut from the film

akira-takaradaThe big G man seems to be steamrolling through the box office over the weekend. Fans from all over the world seem to be loving the big guy and his new film. Sadly, one of the main little Easter eggs that didn’t make the final cut was an appearance from long-time Godzilla actor Akira Takarada.

The 80-year-old Japanese actor had been announce to appear early in the the film’s production. Akira has appeared in 8 out of the 28 films produced by Toho, starting with the first Godzilla film in 1954. During a recent interview, Gareth Edwards reveals that one of the hardest thing about making the new film was cutting Takarada’s cameo.

“When you make a film, there are many, many scenes and a lot of my favorite little ideas or shots are not in the movie because you have got to think of it as a whole. From an emotional point of view, in terms of my love of Godzilla, the hardest thing was Akira Takarada.

He was in the original films and did a cameo for us on Day 1. And it felt very appropriate at the time because he played an immigrations officer who welcomes Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s character to Japan. So, it was like this perfect Day 1, first shot and then when we constructed the film… Basically, there was a lot of pressure to get on with the adventure and get to the monsters as soon as you can and so lots of things came out of that part of the movie and I hung onto that until the last second and it was still deemed by the screenings — when we tested it — that we had to get it shorter and, so, that ended up having to go, which is probably my biggest regret.”

It’s not easy cutting a legend, but as it turns out, Takarada was more than gracious about Gareth’s decision. More than likely, Takarada’s cameo will make its way on to the Godzilla Blu-ray deleted scenes.

Godzilla is still trampling the competition in theaters. Make sure to check out our review!

Source: Business Insider

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