Should DC stick to TV?

DC_SELECTS_15cAs of late, DC has seem to have some success with their television shows. With shows like Smallville and Arrow, the popularity of these shows seem to grow with each character DC brings to the small screen. For some reason, the same quality hasn’t yet been mastered on the big screen. Sure Batman steals the show almost every chance he gets and Superman might make a decent run at the box office, but with the library of heroes DC has to offer, why aren’t there more quality movies?Arrow-season-2-episode-9-recap

DC has announced there will be a Justice League movie at some point, as well as Superman vs Batman or whatever it will be called. But, does it stand a chance against the Marvel juggernaut known as The Avengers? Maybe, but here is another strategy DC should consider. Forget forcing your heroes to appearances in major motion pictures. Have your focus on great quality TV shows that will last even longer. I mean, they already seem to have that locked down. Why poke at a beaten horse?Marvel-vs-dc-1-

Some of the arguments I have heard why no one seems interested in watching a DC movie is because their characters are just not as interesting as Marvel characters. I’ve heard DC has heroes trying to be people, while Marvel has people trying to be heroes. This brings me to a point to why DC should stick with TV shows. They have time to fully develop the character. In a movie, if the main character isn’t interesting in the allotted time he or she is given on screen, that’s it. People will leave the theater thinking “I didn’t like that movie”, but with a TV series you get a little more time to show people that, “Hey this character has personality.” Give them more than one conflict to react to over the course of a season and the viewer will get to know that character a better.

Another positive about having a television show are the potential spin-offs that might come from the show. My current favorite show Arrow has just spawned a Flash spin-off and, from the looks of the trailer, its set to be the next big CW show. The character crossover potential would be greater as well, given all the shows are on one network. Nonetheless, I have to imagine that it’s easier to put an actor on one show for a couple of episodes than a cameo in a movie.justice-league-smallville-season-10

Now I don’t have everything figured out. DC could just be bad at choosing screenplay writers, and directors. Or, they could be happy with the box office sells they get. I’m sure movies must make more than TV, I mean why else would DC want to keep punishing us with movies like the Green Lantern or Jonah Hex? If DC was smart, and something tells me they are, then they should just focus on television – developing and introducing more of their characters to the masses, and eventually give the JLA another try. Hey, third times a charm, right? What do you think? Should DC focus on TV or keep running the movie race?

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