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Revolution may have been cancelled, but the amazing performance by fan-favorite Elizabeth Mitchell will continue on. Nerd Reactor got to chat with her at WonderCon this year, and though the lights have gone out on this show, Elizabeth shines bright.

What’s the convention circuit been like for you?

Elizabeth: I have never been able to walk the convention floor yet. I think if I dressed in my sweats and a baseball cap, I would be fine. But given that I am 6 foot 3 in my heels and followed by security people, the walk on the floor hasn’t happened yet for me.

You’ve never thought about the mask idea?

Elizabeth:  That’s such a good idea. I have always have thought about it. I think dressed as a guy would be perfect. I’m tall enough to pull it off. That would be awesome. Yeah. I could do that. I love both Comic-Con and WonderCon. WonderCon has always felt slightly easier, like it’s lower key, but at the same time I feel like there’s a lot of stuff in it. It’s chewy enough. There’s plenty of things going on where it doesn’t feel like a mad house. But it also feels like you are able to do the things that you like to do, meet the people you like to meet, see the thing that you like to see, and I like that. Lower key is always good for me.

But you don’t get to enjoy the con as much?

Elizabeth: No, and that’s the thing. Especially me because I’m a fan. So I’m a fan of everything. I grew up reading Frank Herbert, like Dune, and then went on to comic books from there. I think I’ve read every science fiction book. You know I got my comic books every week. Yeah I’ve always been a huge believer in sci-fi and fantasy, because I think it’s where we try out our version of the truth. It’s fun, totally safe ground, and the way I was in like college, high school and grade school, I couldn’t have been beat up more. I kind of like hung out in the girl’s locker room in the stall with a book. So sad but true.

I understand that feeling.

Elizabeth: It’s not a good feeling. But then you get older, and you’re like, “That’s kind of cool actually.” It’s better then, “Oh everybody loved me my whole life.” No. What fun is that? Where do you go from there?

What can you tease about the upcoming episodes?

Elizabeth: They’re very exciting. A lot of things happen. We enjoyed filming them. And really really terrible things…

You should be a politician.

Elizabeth: You know I’ve been told that, but I’d be really terrible at it because I also tell the truth, and that apparently gets you in trouble. You just have to ask the right question. I think that the last two episodes, the second to the last episode is probably one of my favorite ones that we’ve done. Billy gets to do some extraordinary stuff, and I love watching him. That’s really fun for me. Charlie has even more good stuff coming up, and I’m enjoying watching her, both because I’m crazy about Tracy and because I’m enjoying how the character has grown. You know I think she’s a real interesting woman. So there’s a lot of great stuff coming for her, and it’s all just packed. It’s packed with good things. In the last episode, as always with Revolution, it gets devastating and kind of creepy and somewhat inspiring. So for some people it’s fantastic. For some people they don’t get out alive. It sounds so cliche, but you know it’s true.

Assuming that you make it out alive. What would you like to see from your character?

Elizabeth: Oh. I’m a geek. I want to see more Nano stuff. That stuff is really fun. I mean the nano in the last 4 episodes is one of my favorite parts of the whole show. So far the stuff that they come up with where their minds go with it visually is stunning. So I would like to see more of that. You know everybody’s different with what they like.

Has there ever been an episode where you haven’t had the color of the rainbow with the script?

Elizabeth: That’s a great question. I think with Revolution they tend to throw it all against the wall. What does Steven call it? He calls it the Sophie’s choice episodes, where you just have to make impossible choices in almost every episode. I like that. I think it’s really interesting as a character, but that means you’re always in danger. You’re always on the cusp of something. It’s very hard to simply just coast. No coasting. So yeah we try to put all the different colors in there. Of course everyone is  like a battle-hardened warrior now. So I think in some ways we don’t. We don’t show all the things that are happening, but then things happen and we do. They are really tough. I like that.

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