Jim Lee releases his Marvel and DC rejection letters

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Jim Lee is a living legend in the comic book world. He’s one of the most popular comic book artists out there and has worked on many popular comic books, from Marvel’s X-Men to DC’s Justice League. He even co-created the comic book publishing company Image Comics, famous for Spawn. And now he’s the DC Comics co-publisher.

I grew up with Jim Lee’s work in the ’90s with the X-Men comic books. Wherever he went, I followed, with comics like Gen13 and WildC.A.T.s under Image Comics and Wildstorm Productions.

Before Marvel and DC, Lee was just an eager artist looking to get into the industry. And now, we can see how perseverance has helped him succeed in life. He has shared his rejection letters that he’s received from Marvel and DC back in the day. It’s a great message that shows that as long as you can apply yourself, you can do almost anything.

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And because of his determination and skills, he’s able to give us the following.

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Via Marvel Age of Comics, GeekTyrant

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