Curse Voice removes timers, keeps chat

To comply with Riot’s new guidelines for third party developers, Curse has now removed Baron, Dragon, and ultimate timers from their application. What does this mean for Curse Voice’s future? Well, it’s entirely possible that sometime in the near future Riot decides that these timers aren’t as harmful as they would believe and they may be re-implemented.

While timers may be useful, I still firmly believe that any application providing additional information should be carefully scrutinized before putting it into any live setting. Curse’s add-ons may have changed World of Warcraft for the better, but it still goes to show just how different of a situation M.O.B.A.’s present.

The full email sent out is as follows:

Based on a recent announcement from Riot, and our desire to always remain in compliance with their wishes, we have taken the proactive step of removing Ultimate, Dragon, and Baron timers from Curse Voice. We are happy to oblige in any way we can to provide the best experience possible for our users and trust their judgement in setting those guidelines.

We strongly believe in the core functionality of the product, and that is to allow players to choose, or not choose, to speak with other gamers in the best VoIP solution for gamers. It is also our understanding that this change in functionality falls within the new guidelines set by Riot.

Thank you for your continued support as a beta user. Remember for the most up to date information, please visit theĀ Beta Forums.

-The Curse Voice Team

Fortunately, the app will still have the same functionality for chat, but the main reason that most wanted was indeed the timers. Curse Voice now stands at a crossroads. While they do have the only application which integrates with Riot’s client, it doesn’t really provide anything else. To be absolutely honest, knowing LoL’s main audience in the lower brackets, I don’t see myself using the chat functionality too often.

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