‘Laputa’ spell recognition amulet set to release in July

Do you like Hayao Miyazaki? Or just any one of his anime movies that people never shut up about? Maybe you’re just a fan of that giant floating castle and wished that you had something like that to rain down munitions and fire on that jerk that cut you off on the freeway earlier?


Revenge will be mine!!!

Well, you’re in luck! Because Japan just seems to somehow make awesome crap 9,438,705 times out of the year. Here’s just another one to add to the list, a new amulet that lights up when you say the magic word “barusu”.


Now if we can just get it to shoot lasers and hypnotize women we’ll be in business!

The bad news? Typical of all things like this, you can only buy it in Japan or specialty retailers here in the States, if they can somehow get their mitts on them when it releases in July.

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