5 new Godzilla clips to get you pumped for May 16th


The time is almost here, folks! May 16th is just right around the corner and Godzilla fans are starting to get antsy. I, myself, was lucky enough to see the film, and I just want to say that it isĀ [AT THE REQUEST FROM WARNER BROS THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT HAS BEEN REMOVED]. Oh, sorry. I guess you’ll have to wait until the embargo is lifted. Until then, you get to check out this batch of new Godzilla clips ripped straight from the movie itself.

You get to see clips featuring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and even the big guy himself right before he squares off with the MUTO. Hopefully, these will hold you over until May 16th. Stay tune for our review!

Source: MOVIESĀ Coming Soon

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