How I dealt with the end of How I Met Your Mother

It’s rare that a show can wring nine seasons and over 200 episodes out of a premise that, at first glance, feels like it was found scrawled on the back

Fox finally releases their Marvel franchises for 1.8 billion plus royalties back to Marvel Studios

** THIS IS AN APRIL FOOLS ARTICLE. THAT WAS MONTHS AGO. STOP READING** In a surprising turn of events, Fox has agreed to finally release their Marvel franchises back to

League of Legends: U.R.F mode engaged

League of Legends has done it again, and this time with a new game mode that promises to please the impatient and trigger-happy players. U.R.F. stands for Ultra Rapid Fire

PaleyFest: American Horror Story Coven

Was that an earthquake? Nope that was the fans of American Horror Story! The final presentation of this year’s Paley Fest was full of fans unlike any other! And when I

Team Crafted fan event coverage

Team Crafted hosted their first Fan Event, and for those fans lucky enough to attend on March 29th at Club Nokia, it was an up close and personal experience. With

George R. R. Martin and HBO dispute may stop Game of Thrones season 4 from airing

Fans have eagerly awaited the arrival of Game of Thrones season 4. There’s been teasers, trailers and images galore that have kept everyone salivating beyond anything. All that may be

Paul W.S. Anderson to direct Borderlands movie starring The Rock and Milla Jovovich

While developer Gearbox Software has stated that there is no work being done for a Borderlands 3 game, it seems that a feature film is in the works. Apparently this