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Check out the latest photoshoot by Jason DeSomer featuring Miss Sinister as Sagat and Meevers Desu as Ibuki. The results are brutal! We talked with DeSomer and was able to get some background on what inspired the photographer to do such a unique shoot.

“I’ve been a fan of Street Fighter since I was a lil’ pup. I remember when I first learned Ryu’s Shoryuken, infinite hadouken battles against my friend as Ken, and that moment when a pre-pubescent boy first saw Cammy’s victory pose. I’ve wanted to explore a dedicated Street Fighter photo shoot for ages,” DeSomer said.

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He then discussed on why he chose the two cosplayers for this photo shoot.

“I’d worked with Meevers a couple times now and Miss Sinister on a number of occasions for cosplay and modeling shoots, but this Street Fighter photo shoot is one of the bigger productions that I have set-up with the intention of having several key images for a series of cosplay photos,” he revealed.”

DeSomer then talks about what inspired him for this project.

“With these photos I want to create the brutal environment and grit that is inspired by my favorite movie, Fight Club. I wanted a video game hint, as well as the raw energy that you’d get if you were watching these skilled fighters in action. These photos, that I am still releasing, are the first chapter in my continuation of Street Fighter photo shoots. I am going to be expanding these shoots using other talented cosplayers, relevant locations, good lighting and some interesting post-production work,” said DeSomer.

If you cosplay and are interested in Street Fighter, the photographer might be interested.

“Street Fighter cosplayers who are interested should totally contact me.”

You can check out Jason’s Photography Page here:

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Makeup by Sporkbot Cosplay

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