TNT’s ‘Legends’ has a legendary cast!


Sean Bean returns to our television screens, but this time, he isn’t going to break our hearts.

TNT’s Legends follows Martin Odum, an FBI agent in a covert branch at the top of his game. According to showrunner David Wilcox, the title Legends comes from the identity given to an agent to help infiltrate a deep-imagined life. In other words, Martin has the ability to transform himself completely into different people and assume new personas for each task given to him. Those new personas are called ‘legends’. His handler, Crystal (Ali Larter), has her hands full when Martin commits a crime that brings him to the attention of Special Agent Tony Rice (played by Morris Chestnut).

Martin’s life is thrust in confusion further when a stranger reveals that Martin Odum’s reality is actually a Legend. He is not the man who he thinks he is. And the quest for answers begins, all while Rice is hot on his trail.

Promising to be an action-packed show with a great cast that includes Tina Majorino as Maggie, another top-tier operative that creates the Legends, each episode will not be so much about week-to-week missions, but about Martin’s journey to find out who’s who and why.

The show is based on the book by Robert Littell, but don’t expect any spoilers from the books. They will be from completely separate worlds. Both very much worth visiting, but “look at it more as anchor,” Bean states.

Is Martin Odum responsible for what he does undercover? Does he truly have a separate life? Which life is truly his and which is just a Legend? Conspiracies galore!

A psychological thriller is coming your way on TNT this August 13th. And I can quote the showrunner for saying that there are no current plans to kill off Sean Bean’s character. We will take that as comforting.


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