Why everyone should watch Hulu’s ‘Deadbeat’

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You’ve seen it everywhere. This image above. It’s there on your browser and when you’re watching your online show – there are advertisements everywhere for Hulu’s new online series Deadbeat.

Just what is Deadbeat? 

Created by Wilfred writers Cody Heller & Brett Konner, Deadbeat stars Reaper’s Tyler Labine as slacker medium Kevin Pacalioglu who spends his time trying to make money and help ghosts move onto the light.

Here are reasons why you should watch this show:

1. It’s a refreshing comedy about ghosts and the afterlife. Typically, ghosts and the afterlife tend to be a serious and scary topic. This series gives it a lighthearted look on death and finally moving on. Some of the requests to move into the light are hilarious and breaks away from the serious ghost shows like Paranormal Activity and The Ghost Whisperer. So yes, you will be laughing.

2. Comedian Brandon T. Jackson plays his drug dealer and best friend, Rufus “Roofie” Jones. Jackson provides us with a likeable supporting character that plays the voice of reason in some episodes. I’ve always been a fan of Jackson and it’s great seeing him play the smart best friend.

3. The ghost characters are hilarious. There is a ghost virgin, who died from the war, wants to take up Kevin’s body to have sex with his past love. Did we mention the ghost died from the second World War and his love is now in her 80s? There is another episode that features an aspiring ghost model who never got her photos featured in American Apparel. All the episodes feature ghosts that are just silly to watch.

4. Cat Deeley isn’t just a pretty face and body from So You Think You Can Dance. She’s hilarious as famous fake medium Camomile White who will do anything to remain rich and famous. Her interaction with her assistant Sue (Lucy DeVito) is also sad, but comical.

5. Speaking of Lucy DeVito, daughter of comedic legends Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, she shines as this adorable meek character. Her facial expressions speaks for itself. She doesn’t get enough screen time this season, but I’m really hoping to see more of her in the second season.

6. Tyler Labine may not have a supermodel face like all the leads in CW shows, but he has the comedic talent that proves he’s worth watching. Labine does tend to play the same type of characters (Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, Reaper, Animal Practice), but he’s really good at it. His character is a lovable guy that you friendzoned because he doesn’t have his life together, but he’s still a sweet guy. You really just like the character and want to follow his story.

7. The wardrobe. Whoever is the costume designer for this show should get a lot of recognition. Each character has their own style and it’s really fun to watch what they are wearing in each episode. Kevin’s style is a hobo-hipster kind of look, Roofie wears “SWAG”-ish clothing that you can’t stop staring at, Camomile is in the typical designer stuff and Sue dresses as an adorable 50’s housewife. Yes, I paid attention to their outfits. The outfits really get your attention!

8. The series is quick to watch. There are 10 episodes on Hulu and it’s free! They are all on there, so you don’t need to wait for the next episode. The only problem… there’s only one season so far. The last episode of the season is pretty good and will leave you wanting more. So I’m really hoping there is a second season.

9. The trailers. The marketing team behind Deadbeat created different generation trailers for the show – 1940s1970s, 1980s . Genius.

Overall, I was entertained and I would love to see this show get a second season. Go watch Deadbeat here. IT’S FREE!

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