New details on X-Men: Apocalypse


New details have come out about X-Men: Apocalypse. This comes weeks before the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Bryan Singer, Simon Kinberg, Dan Harris, and Michael Dougherty are already thinking ahead.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Singer said:

The film will be ‘somewhat’ based on the 1990 comic storyline ‘Age of Apocalypse’ which features ancient villain Apocalypse and imagines an alternate universe. [The movie] won’t necessarily create an alternate universe, but there may be some swapping things that I’m playing with…You won’t feel at the end of the movie that it set up Apocalypse. What it does is it sets up possibilities. But what we’ll discover in Apocalypse is that events in this movie made that happen. Apocalypse deals with ancient mutancy. What would humans have thought mutants were? What would mutants think humans were? You’re dealing with gods and things like that. And what if one survived and what if that found its way into our world?

Kinberg also added,

From a visual standpoint it actually may be a bigger movie than Days of Future Past because there’ll be disaster movie imagery, like the title would imply.

Singer has also noted that X-Men: Apocalypse will follow Charles Xavier (McAvoy), Erik Lehnsherr (Fassbender), Mystique (Lawrence), and Beast (Hoult). But he also wants to bring in characters like Gambit and Nightcrawler.

Sounds like they have a plan to create something awesome. But I’m still a skeptic on how they will show Apocalypse. He is one of my favorite villains in comics. I would hate for him to get the wrong treatment he deserves on the big screen… *cough* Quicksilver *cough*.

It does sound like they know where they want to go and I hope it works out well. Just don’t screw up one of Marvel’s iconic bad guys. Are you looking forward to X-Men: Days of Future Past and the future release X-Men: Apocalypse?

Source: EW

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