Conan plays Street Fighter II on jumbo tron at football stadium

BkqMcapCQAA0LWrIn this new episode of Clueless Gamer, Conan O’brien and Aaron Bleyaert take gaming to the next level by renting out the Dallas’ AT&T Stadium and using it to play video games on their giant DiamondVision TV. Unlike previous episodes, Conan and Aaron have no games to review, so the two friends just play games at random.

They were able to playthrough Madden 25, Need for Speed: Rivals and  two of my favorites, Flower and Street Fighter II. Surprisingly enough, Conan was not that bad at playing Street Fighter. He was actually able to beat Aaron numerous times with Ken.

It’s a fun video and is sure to make any gamer jealous that they can’t rent out a football stadium just to play video games on their big TV. *Sigh*

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