Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff comes out on April 10th

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Family Guy has finally done it! They’ve created a game app for their fans… and it’s fun! The game is called Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff!

The premise of the game is simple – Quahog has been destroyed by one of Peter and Ernie (the giant chicken)’s epic fights. It is in complete chaos! It is up to YOU (the player) to put it back together by playing various characters from Family Guy.


You start with controlling Peter and you must do various actions to unlock the other characters, hilarious character costumes (that have been featured on the show), and bonus material. As you begin to rebuild Quahog, you can play around and interact with the many different characters in Family Guy.

The characters are voiced by the actors on the show and really feels like you’re watching an episode. The humor from the show shines through in this game.

The game will also feature bonus adventures and tasks for you to complete, such as:

  • Help Peter realize his lifelong dream of becoming a pirate
  • Quagmire searches for the fabled Gold Digger Island
  • Travel through the multiverse with Stewie and Brian
  • Get revenge on the Giant Chicken
  • Survive Quahog’s Running of the Bulls thanks to Mayor West


The game was developed by Fox Digital Entertainment and TinyCo, a game development company based in San Francisco. The show writers worked with the company to ensure the player gets the Family Guy experience.

As the show progresses onto its’ 13th season next year, the game developers stated they will update the game with the new characters and outfits as the show continues. So, if a new character is introduced, you can expect it to eventually appear in the game as well.

I was given a preview of the game by one of the developers. As a fan of the show, I recognized many characters as I went through each level. The Family Guy humor was definitely present in game – with their witty one-liners, funny commentary and hilarious images for each move you make. Including this one of Quagmire…



You’re welcome.

As you collect coins and clams (the Golden Clams), you earn more points to unlock characters and outfits. If you play it often, you’ll get even more benefits. Also, if you wanted to show off your Family Guy adventure to friends, the game also includes a social media feature for you to share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Did I mention… all the characters will also have a “Facebook” called FaceFace and it’s hilarious.

The game is really entertaining. I really felt like I was watching the show on the iPad. The game really stays true to the characters and the show. I definitely recommend this game for Family Guy fans. It’s also a great game if you’re sitting on the toilet with nothing else to do.

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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff will be available on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 through the Apple App store and Google Play store.


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