True Blood returns this June!

truebloodTrue Blood returns for its’ 7th and FINAL season on Sunday, June 22nd at 9pm on HBO. It will air 10 episodes.

We were left off with a virus affecting the vampires (Hep-V infected vampires) hunting other vampires and humans. In Bon Temps, with Sam Merlotte as the new Mayor of the town, vampires and humans decided to form a truce. In exchange for protection from the infected vampires, the humans will allow the vampire to feed off them. Little do they know, their little party is going to be ambushed by a bunch of infected vampires.

We were also left with the love triangle, well… square between Sookie, Alcide, Bill and Eric. Sookie is with Alcide now. Good for her. Let’s see how this changes.

With the new season, we will be introduced to a new villain named Mr. Gus. According to E! News, ”┬áMr. Gus–he’s a Japan native who has fully embraced the “everything’s bigger in Texas” way of living” and is set out for revenge. Our theory? Vampire-hating socialite Sarah killed Ms. Suzuki, the True Blood businesswoman who found out Sarah tainted the True Blood supply and tried to escape. Could be.

I guess we will find out in June.

True Blood returns on June 22nd, 2014 on HBO.


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