League of Legends: U.R.F mode engaged


League of Legends has done it again, and this time with a new game mode that promises to please the impatient and trigger-happy players. U.R.F. stands for Ultra Rapid Fire which now lowers cooldowns on all abilities by 80%, removes costs of spells, and increasing attack speed bonuses on ranged characters by 100% to keep them balanced.

Now this may seem like it breaks the game and well after a few games it does, but it breaks it in a way that fosters fun and creative new ways to play breaking the normal meta. Now this mode isn’t meant to replace the current gameplay. It’s more of a fun distraction for all next week while it’s live in celebration of April 1st. So damn the “META” and get out there on the fields of justice and spam, spam, spam to your hearts content.

Let me know who you think is the most OP champ in this mode. My vote is for LUX and her 15 long range lasers and permanent shields for the fastest of finger casters.

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