Videogame BANG! #25: Face-Rift and Michael John Mollo

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This week on the Game BANG! We keep the momentum of amazing guests rolling with Michael John Mollo, composer of the beautiful Strider reboot by Double Helix. I am of course Cory Vincent and with me as always is my co-host Aaron Carter along with David Ng and Jada Rina.

The big story of the week is of course that Facebook bought Oculus Rift for a whopping 2 BILLION dollars. This news has been polarizing the gaming community. Opinions of optimism, opinions that the Rift is now dead, and opinions of indifference. Well worry not because VGB is here to try and make sense of it all. We also discuss the casting announcement from Elder Scrolls Online and all the sweet details in regards to the new Batman: Arkham Knight. And I think the highlight of the show is when we cover the 2014 Game of the Year Goat Simulator

All that and much much more on this week’s Videogame BANG!

For more Michael John Mollo:

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