Paley Festival: The Mindy Project Panel

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Photos by Kevin Parry for Paley Center for Media

It was a night of laughs and sneak peaks at the Paley Festival. The Mindy Project loves their fans, and they gave us all what we could hope for, including an early view of the upcoming episode (it answers the cliffhanger that left us all in a tizzy). This season promises to be a roller coaster ride!

The panel had all our favorites, and it was moderated by Buzz Feeds’ Jarett Wieselman. For those who missed it, here are some highlights from the fun-filled panel.

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Photo by Kevin Parry/Paley Center for Media

Mindy Kaling, who plays Mindy Lahiri and is the executive producer, pulls triple duty on The Mindy Project. She lets us in on the fact the she doesn’t like to play with fans. This season we will see the relationship between Danny and Mindy happen, as well as some Morgan and Tamra. More Morgan nudity. Yes indeed!

Chris Messina, who plays Danny Castellano, is as shy and cute as his character. He tells us about how he wished he hadn’t told the writers of The Mindy Project about his dance background, and he blushes at all the admiration he gets from the cast.

We found out that Ed Weeks, who plays Jeremy Reed, is the nerd of the bunch. Ike Barinholtz described that he looks like Hugh Grant, but then you realize he’s a nerd. Well, I’ll take that nerdy British boy any day. It’s time for a love interest for him, I think! Even if he has a small bladder and has to leave the panel to go to the Loo!

Speaking of Ike Barinholtz , he plays Morgan Tookers and is the co-producer. He is one of our Mad TV favorites, and he proved why he’s one of the funniest men on TV with impressions of almost everyone in the cast, and even some guest stars. Let’s just say his James Franco is dead on. He kept the Laughs coming and represented Adam Pally in his absence. 

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Zoe Jarman, who plays Betsy Putch, defended her character’s sanity, saying Betsy thinks she’s normal and only realizes when people react that her thoughts aren’t normal. Beth Grant, who plays Beverly Janoszewski, was a pleasure, stating that she takes her Southern Primness out the window to play the role of Beverly, which is freeing. And is Beverly the real star of The Mindy Project? In the writers’ eyes, she’s one of their favorites to write for! Xosha Roquemore plays Tamra Webb and tells us she secretly thinks Tamra is a huge fan of Doctor L but has to play it cool.

Overall an amazing night of laughs. The panel was like being at home with your besties! Be sure to tune in to the new season of The Mindy Project after a heartbreaking hiatus, and look forward to season 3 coming soon!!!

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