Godzilla 2014: Will Godzilla be the hero?

godzilla-official-trailerSome very interesting news came out this week about the upcoming Gareth Edwards Godzilla film. IGN got a chance to sit down with Legendary Pictures CEO and Godzilla producer, John Tull. Tull revealed in the interview that despite the film’s overall destructive nature, the big G should still be considered a hero.

“In my book, Godzilla is the good guy. He’s got the reptilian brain, but I absolutely think it will be clear to audiences that you’ll be rooting hard in that direction.”

Director Gareth Edwards has also supported the theory as well saying that Godzilla is the anti-hero of the film.

“The great question people ask is ‘If he was a person, what kind of person would he be?’ And I feel like if he was a human character, he’d probably be like one of the Last Samurai. Or like a Ronin. He’s kind of like a noble, ancient warrior – the rest of his kind is long gone, and he’s happy to just keep to himself. And reluctantly only comes up when he has to correct something that’s wrong with the world. That was the character we were going for.”

As a kid growing up, I was incredibly fond of the friendlier era of the Shōwa series. It seems that the director and produces are trying to meet fans half way by not having him be the villain or the white hat wearing hero. It’s all good to me as long as we see some kaiju fighting action and end of the world destruction.

Source: IGN

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