Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher (Blu-ray review)

avengers confidential black widow and punisher

In the world of animation and television, Marvel still has a lot of catching up to do if they want to compete against DC. With Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher, they’re headed towards the right direction.¬†This Japanese-produced film is the next Marvel anime movie after Iron Man: Rise of Technovore (which didn’t fair well with critics and fans), and it does feature some notable actors like Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter), who plays Black Widow.

Avengers Confidential is somewhat a continuation of Technovore¬†(with many of the same voice actors as their respective characters), only this time it focuses on Black Widow and Punisher (mostly Black Widow). The Punisher is seen going after a criminal, but it turns out that his actions have interfered with SHIELD’s secret mission. Now he and Black Widow have been ordered to team up to take down Leviathan, an organization that’s planning to sell stolen SHIELD tech.

The story’s pacing could use some work, but overall it’s a better Marvel animated film offering as of late. We do get to go deeper into Black Widow’s story, as she had a romantic relationship with a Leviathan villain. It’s nice to see Black Widow vulnerable like this, but it does feel out of character. As for Punisher we don’t really get any reveal about him as a character, except for some minor scenes, but when he’s in the spotlight, he does what he does best, taking out the trash.

avengers confidential black widow and punisher 2

If you’re into anime and are a Marvel fan, this should be worth checking out for the animation and action. Watching the Punisher and Black Widow dispense justice is pretty cool as we see some cool maneuvers and violent action, especially from the Punisher.

With the title being Avengers Confidential, some may think that this will feature the Avengers team (they appear near the end). If you’re watching it knowing that it will be heavy on Black Widow and The Punisher, then you’ll be less disappointed. The plot could use more work, but I do recommend this if you’re a Marvel fan.

Movie Grade: C+

avengers confidential black widow and punisher 3

Picture and Audio

The film is presented in 1080p and uses the anime style. Colors aren’t as vibrant, but this is more of an artistic choice. Anime usually has a lot of detail on characters compared to Western animation, and this is the same case. Black Widow’s outfit is filled with folds and curves, while Punisher has layers of clothing and his iconic skull on his chest. Overall, it does have a foggy look, and the picture quality isn’t something to get excited about.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track does a decent job, but it won’t be able to match the quality of bigger productions. The dialogue is clear from the center, with action scenes coming to life.

Video/Audio Grade: B-


The extras include an art gallery and two main features. The first feature is “The Vigilante vs. The Spy, which is a 10-minute feature on Black Widow and Punisher teaming up in the comics, the character relationship, their history, and why they were brought together. It’s actually a better watch in seeing how their relationship is compared to the actual movie. The second extra is the 10-minute “Espionage and Punishment” feature. This one focuses more on them being brought into the anime world, including seeing the settings and the character designs.

Extras Grade: C

Final Reaction

For fans of Marvel, this is the next step to something better. The animation is nice, it’s entertaining, and you get to see characters like Black Widow and Punisher taking the spotlight. I can’t really say that it’s worth a purchase, but if you do have the urge, you can check it out.

Overall Grade: C

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