3DS Shmup Steel Empire, shooting for a summer release

steel empire

Though the 3DS has arguably a well-rounded selection of good games, I hesitate to say that it has a “library” of games. It’s not quite there yet, but this summer it’ll be one game closer to attaining that status thanks to Steel Empire.

It’s rare enough that we see quality shmups on any system these days, but with the aesthetics veering hard towards steampunk territory, this one might just be blipping on many peoples’ radars soon enough. This title is oozing with nostalgia–players can shoot in several directions as well as add Gradius-like “options” to blast more things out of the sky.

Take a gander at the footage of Steel Empire below. You’ll find blimps going out in a blaze of glory, as well as a peek into the level up system. According to Starfish-SD, we’ll be feeling the nostalgia vibes this summer.

Via: Destructoid
Source: GoNintendo

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