NR Podcast #40: Assembling a Muppet Flower on Ground Zeroes

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Welcome to the latest episode of the Nerd Reactor Podcast! Mike Villarreal is once again hosting this awesome show filled with sexy women and hunkalicious men. Joining the podcast are yours truly, John “Spartan” Nguyen, Alger Alama, Holly Amos, Jose Gutierrez and Mark Pacis.

Holly starts things off with her love for the new science show, Cosmos. Since none of us has watched it, we give her a 2-minute time limit to wow us on the wonders of science and evolution.

Mark chimes in on his review of Muppets: Most Wanted. We got six words for you: Danny Trejo and Ray Liotta singing…and dancing (okay, eight words).

Jose goes into major spoiler territory with the recent Walking Dead episode that features Carol, Tyreese and Lizzie.

We then discuss Walmart joining in on the used video game market. We discuss how this will be a big “game” changer (watch out, GameStop).

On the topic of video games, we talk about how perverted the Metal Gear games can get and about the split reactions to the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes game. Is it a glorified demo, or is it a game that has some replay value?

There’s a bunch of Batman rumors, including Warner Bros. not giving a damn about setting up characters.

Lastly, we geek out on ABC’s special, Assembling a Universe, which featured the plan behind expanding and combining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and previews for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Jose shares his hate for Drax’s tattoos…errr…scars.

Does Mark think Muppets: Most Wanted is better than The Muppets? Will Holly convince us to watch Fox’s Cosmos? Does Alger get kicked out of the podcast? How much hate does Jose have for Drax’s tattoos? Does John like to look at himself in the mirror? Will Mike make a bold statement? Listen to our podcast and find out.

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