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Have you ever wanted to just pick a character or role in League of Legends and not deal with some random person berating you for your choice, or have someone take your role or champion first? Well good news! League of Legend is live beta testing their newest addition called Team Builder, which is something that other League fans and I have been clamoring for.

This system now throws the current system of pick order out the window and introduces the ability to pick your character and role before jumping into queue. This will hopefully lower the amount of trolls who sabotage games, since they can’t play the role they want. I’m hopeful that it will help improve the community, since no one will be arguing over a role anymore, and you will be getting the freedom to play what you want and where you want, regardless of the current meta that is in place.

The system works in 2 ways:

Join a Team

  1. Pick your champion, skin, runes and masteries.
  2. Pick your lane and role you would like to play in. It will then let you join the queue, along with showing you an approximation of how long it will take to find a game, from very short to very long.
  3. After it finds you a team, it will put you in a lobby with the other team members so that you can decide if you like the team setup, or choose to find another group that is more to your liking.

Build a Team

  1. Step one is the same.
  2. You get to decide what types of champs you want in each lane and what role you would like them to play. It will then search for players within your parameters, so you can also invite friends at the same time to fill those roles.

After a few games, this is quite possibly one of the best and most important improvements to the game that Riot has made to League of Legends over the past years. It’s only in beta but hopefully it’s here to stay and will improve upon the foundation that Riot has built.

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