100 reasons to watch CW’s The 100…or less

the-100 (2)Contains minor spoilers.

During Sacramento’s Wizard World, the Videogame Bang crew got a full preview of the first episode of the CW’s latest teen heartthrob show called The 100. It’s a show set in the distant future where mankind has totally messed up the planet with nuclear war. Let’s be honest that scenario has been told in a lot of stories, but what makes this version unique, or at least to me, is mankind floats above the planet to sit out the radiation.the-100 (1)

The episode starts right out the gates with young hotties everywhere being thrown from their perfect lives, in jail, into a small space shuttle to be sent to Earth. Early plot twists kept me glued to my chair. Sitting and watching the show, it gave off that familiar vibe that the CW has done so well with the likes of Arrow, Vampire Diaries, and even a little America’s Next Top Model thrown in. I got glimpses of the characters’ backgrounds little by little but never felt lost or confused by it all. The story was easy to follow and did a very good job keeping up the suspense. The whole point of sending these 100 juvenile delinquents to Earth was simple, find out if mankind can go home before supplies run out on the space ark. Needless to say time is of the essence, and when you only have a limited amount of resources people begin to act a little weird, which makes for great TV.

the100 (1)

The visual effects didn’t disappoint either. The two headed deer did its job, making people gasp. The space station the earthlings live on look great, spinning above the Earth.

The story is split between the paranoid, panicky, worried, and sometimes evil adults that float above the world, and the carefree, rebellious, young rapscallions down on the irradiated planet. The way they intertwine with each other is done great and has potential to get the viewer emotionally involved with each of the main characters. After a while of sexy 20-somethings acting as teens and adults being angry, I thought I could predict where the story was going, but the writers did their job and threw me off the path with a twist ending that has been done before, but seemed out of character for a CW show.


If you think this is just a Lord of the Flies for the modern times, you might be right. I mean no story is original, but the way the CW tells this one, and the plethora of eye candy to look at, should have you anticipating each episode every week.

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