Clever Huvr hoverboard prank is a month early


If you grab the assistance of a couple famous names, some good film editing and a fun idea, you’ll probably get enough desperate people to believe you. The Huvr is a perfect example of an elaborate viral prank. I shudder to think how many individuals fell for this one, even if it was well filmed and executed. Here is the original YouTube video.

Now if you somehow still believe this, let me throw knowledge your way. First, we have their website. If you read the disclaimer and legal terms, you quickly understand how much goes into saying “We aren’t responsible for anything whatsoever,” which obviously resembles other prank sites in the past.

Second, we have the “Lead Engineer“. Quite the talented fellow, with a rich career in theatre AND cold fusion.


Third, “In the BELIEF video, at the 3:28 mark, they forgot to digitally remove the shadow on the booth from the rig that’s holding the rider up.” – mastaxn

Now, if for some reason, both of those don’t sway you towards the obvious truth, just think about it. Really sit down, and think about it. What kind of power source would this need? Why not use the hover application to more important concepts such as hospital stretchers, or military equipment, where the real money is? It’s so fake, it hurts.

While the prank was interesting and extremely well filmed, this one’s just too obvious, Doc.

Adam Kharakov

Adam “kharakov” Kharat is part nerd, part geek, and full awesome. With deadly writing skills and the sleeping habits of a jackrabbit, late night gaming sessions are all but mandatory.

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  • Ikyo Maduashi

    Haters gonna hate and i checked the 3:28 mark. There is no shadow. I do admit i have my doubts about the tech but I have just done the research on the boards background and its MIT real.

  • Guest

    Look at the Booth at the 3:28 mark. There is clearly the shadow of the cable hanger on it. Here, since you’re too stupid to see it, I’ll make it easy for you.

  • Reality

    See pic.


    I am going to be honest with you. not once does it say that that man is the lead engineer. In fact if you look at the entirety of his online CV he used to work at Google as a product marketing manager. A role that a start up company like this has to have if it wants to succeed. that being said it probably is still fake due to physics

  • PapaFreak76

    I’m not saying this is real. All of the guests using the boards have these bulky looking undershirts. But that could be padding for falls or it could be a harness with thin wiring. I have know idea. Whoever put this together did a great job. And at 3:28 there is no shadow. I played it back several times.

    • MikeTheInfidel

      Look at the booth, dude.

  • PapaFreak76

    Son a bitch I did finally see it. Clear as day.
    Almost looks like a giant coat hanger.

  • Dan the man Bowes!

    not to mention the 3:38 mark there you can clearly see the harness on Hawk’s back… sweet ass video tho, i want one!!! maybe in 2020 haha

  • Adam Izaya Kharakov

    Guys and Gals. Didn’t want to say I told you so but..

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