Grand Theft Auto gives you The Business

Still running strong, the guys at Rockstar keep pumping out the content for Grand theft Auto V with The Business Update. Releasing March 4th, so soon after the Valentines Day Massacre update, Rockstar is all set to get you ready for wall street, or whatever the equivalent of wall street is in Los Santos.


The update makes fast new sports cars available for you to stick in your garage. The Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R will have you racing through the streets, leaving the competition behind (if you can afford it that is). If your money ain’t funny, ball out and pick up the Vestra airplane, and float over all haters.


While you’re riding in your new whips, Rockstar wants you to be fresh in some new clothes. So of course with the update, business wear will be available. New suits and slacks, heals and blouses for the ladies, and even new cash-themed tattoos are available so that you can show everyone in Los Santos you’re a Baller with a capital “B”.


With the amount of haters that will come at you, because if your new business success, Rockstar’s giving you two new weapons to beef up your arsenal. The Heavy Pistol and the Special Carbine should be enough to keep you CEO for a long time, or at least until another CEO shoots you with their Heavy Pistol or Special Carbine.


Rockstar’s The Business Update will release for the PSN and Xbox Live Tuesday March 4th, so you can climb the corporate ladder in style. All content will be available for online and story mode.

Source: Rockstar News

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