Shut up and take my money! Life-size electric Mario Karts for sale!


Nerds around the world, join hands and join in the celebration of what could possibly be the best move Nintendo has made in the last ten years…actual working Mario Karts! Nintendo, in conjunction with Jakks Pacific, will release “life-size” replicas of karts infamously made famous by Nintendo’s long-running game franchise, Mario Kart.

The announcement was made yesterday that the bloodsucking Satan worshiper, Toys “R” Us, will be exclusively offering the kart at a whooping $200 bucks! The Kart will make authentic sounds from the game, and they will come equipped with on and off-road tires. Sadly these are targeted towards children and have a 200-pound weight limit.


Life’s not fair.

Time to vicariously live through your children!

The car is currently available for Pre-order, but it will publicly go on sale March 7th. So start gathering those bottles and cans, kids! And don’t forget to stock up on Blue Shells and Banana Peels!


Look at this kid. How could he possibly appreciate this?! This could have been me…
::sobs alone in a dark corner::

Source: Incredible Things

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