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What would happen if you had Superman, Batman and Spider-Man living in the same place in the City of Sin? With this show, you could find out… except they aren’t actually the superheroes. What if they were street performers who wanted to become their personas? The Secret Identity Show is a mix of comedy and mystery of three roommates – Kal, Fred and Wayne who decided to impersonate Superman, Spider-Man and Batman in Las Vegas for money, vengeance, a way to escape boredom and actually become heroes themselves.

With this mockumentary filled with video diaries, blogs, cinematic sketches, viral videos and social media, the audience will get a realistic feel to the characters.

Their Kickstarter goal is to raise $22,000 to create 22 webisodes for the first season of The Secret Identity Show. Why not help a show that combines geek culture and Las Vegas in the mix? Click here for more information and how to contribute.

The show looks really interested and the cast looks great – a former NFL player, star of the show Big Bad Beetleborgs, a professional showgirl, a professional DeNiro impersonator and several handsome cast members. The trailer looks great, so why not support it. The perks are good!


The Secret Identity Show official synopsis:

After an ambitious Superman impersonator’s Las Vegas business is compromised by an underground crime racket run by a Robert DeNiro impersonator, he recruits his hapless brother and mysterious roommate to save his business and help bring the bad guys down the only way he knows how – by working as Superhero street performers.


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