Fans leave flowers and Twinkies at Ghostbuster firehouse in memory of Harold Ramis

ghostbusters1The geek world was stunned by the loss of actor, director and screenwriter Harold Ramis. Today fans around the world grieved in unison for their fallen childhood hero. The Ghostbuster was most notably known for his role as Dr. Egon Spengler, who tragically passed away at age 69. In New York, fans throughout the day paid tribute to Ramis at the site of the Ghostbusters’ original firehouse in Lower Manhattan’s TriBeCa district.

“I’m a native New Yorker. So, the firehouse is the most famous place, one of the most famous New York Movie Icons, and I’ve just known it’s been here forever. I’m a big fan of his, from SCTVCaddy ShackStripes; I’m obviously a big Ghostbusters fan. You know the world is a lot less funnier today, because of his passing. So I just came by to pay my respects,” said one fan.

The 8th Hook and Ladder Firehouse has become a national monument to many locals in the New York area. Back in 2011, the iconic building was in danger of being foreclosed and demolished due to budget cuts but was saved due to an overwhelming response from fans. At the memorial site, many fans left Twinkies to pay homage to the infamous “Big Twinkie Scene” from the first Ghostbusters movie.

Source: New York PIX

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