A MYST linking book now exists in our own ‘age’


For those of us who played video games in the 90s, it was impossible to make it through the decade without playing ‘point and click’ adventure games. But while games like The Secret of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle are classics in the genre, it was a different title that changed computer games forever.

Released in 1993, MYST took video game graphics to the next level and was one of the titles responsible for pushing technology of the CD-ROM forward. In the game, you play the role of “The Stranger” who discovers a special “linking” book that helps you travel to the island of Myst. While on the mysterious island, the player must interact with and solve a series of puzzles that reveal the island’s history. MYST spawned five sequels, a series of novels and several plans to adapt the series for the big and small screen (none of which have materialized).

The hinging factor of the world of MYST however, was it’s use of the “linking” books that took the player to different “ages”. These books allowed for problems to be solved in one age using clues from another. The goal of the first game revolved entirely around the linking books and their missing pages. This was an interesting concept to mix the ideas of the power of books with the new technology of found in computers. This idea apparently had a profound influence on Mike Ando who decided to mix the in game technology with those found in our now world, by creating his very own MYST linking book.


Using the book the CYAN used for texture references for the in-game linking books (Harper’s New Monthly Magazine Volume LIV, Issue 312, December 1876 to May 1877), Ando decided to go for broke and create the ultimate item for a MYST fan, a playable linking book that includes all of the MYST games. He succeeded in his project, and now our own world is forever linked with the island of Myst. Reality just got a bit more surreal and magical, didn’t it.

Check out this blog where Ando talks about the project HERE.

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