Adventure Time Card Game coming soon

For those of you who are not only Adventure Time fans, but also fans of the card game episode Card Wars, you’re in luck. A company called Cryptozoic is making just that, Adventure Time: Card Wars, and it’s releasing February 19th. atcg pic


At $20 a pop, there are 4 decks available: Finn’s Blue Deck, Jake’s Corn Deck, BMO’s Useless Swamp Deck and Lady Rainicorns Sandy Lands Deck. If you’re not up for the physical burden of carrying cards around with you, there’s also a mobile version being released by King Fu Factory for $3.99.

Although, if you really want the biggest bang for your buck, the physical cards will have download codes so that you can have the digital versions in the mobile game. The only question remaining is, which deck will you choose? Personally, I’m curious to see what BMO’s Swamp Deck is all about.

Source: Kotaku

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