Videogame BANG! Episode #18: Nobody FOX w/ Nerd Reactor


What’s up, Pizzas?! It is that time once again for the BANG! gang to take you on a nerdy journey through the fantastical world of video games and entertainment. This week’s show features our standard crew of Captain Cory Vincent, Sir Aaron Carter, Steven ‘Slowpoke Rodriguez’ Gutierrez, and last but not least Princess Jada Rina.

This week has been all over the board for geek news. We are going to start with Nintendo and end with George Zimmerman, featuring a detour of Ice T and Dungeons and Dragons. We talk a little about the alleged two hour campaign of the new Metal Gear Solid, and explore how long we like them… games that is!

Probably the most bewildering topic of the show has to deal with our parent website, Nerd Reactor, and the cease and desist notices from 20th Century FOX. NR as well as a few other respected media outlets reported on rumors that the new Fantastic Four reboot was going to change up the origins of the heroes. Now Josh Trank has already refuted these rumors of an origins change, yet they are threatening people to take the articles down.. If FOX hasn’t already done enough by destroying the X-Men franchise, this has to be the final straw, right?!

This final paragraph is just our semi-occasional reminder that Videogame BANG! is more grateful for your support than you could ever realize. We love our listeners and supporters as if they were our own family, so interact with us! We are very friendly, a message on Facebook, a tweet or two? We want to be a podcast of the people! So rate, comment, like, subscribe, instagram, tumblr, and all that other internet bullshit!

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